Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baby Pics... Recreated.

So... my computer hard drive is full (so dumb, right). So I am backing up my computer and deleting things that I do not need anymore. I come across these pics that I feel like I need to share.

Let me begin by explaining the pics. My best friend Chelsea Thompson (friends since 4th grade) went to Honduras for a complete summer. I was so sad she was leaving and wanted to encourage her while she was away... so I wanted to think of something to do for her while she was gone. Well, I am literally obsessed with her baby pics because they are amazing. So I thought I would try and "recreate" her baby pics. I did a lot more pics, but this is all I have on my computer. Enjoy...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

First Year of Teaching... DONZO

Well peeps,

I started a blog literally a year ago and I have.. like what.... 5 posts. Pathetic. The problem is, so many people have blogs. Some of them suck some of them are AMAZING. Mine is probably going to lean towards the "suck" spectrum, but I'm not going to let that stop me.
Let me explain why I haven't blogged since August of 2010. I got a teaching job. When I say teaching job, I mean 6th grade, teach all subjects, inner- city teaching job. This teaching job however, changed my life. I loved it.

It was the most challenging thing I have ever done. I have never had to break up a fight. I did it my first year of teaching (LOTS). I have never had to stay up until 11:00pm just to learn about rocks so I can actually teach it. I did my first year of teaching. I have NEVER had a purse thrown at my head. I did my first year of teaching (story to come later). I have never been taught how to dougie. I did my first year of teaching. I have never taught a 15 year old (in 6th grade) student who is literally the size of Shaq. I did my first year of teaching. I have never sweat so much that I had armpit stains. I did my first year of teaching. I have never seen students memorize so many rap lyrics but couldn't remember their multiplication facts. I did my first year of teaching. I have never loved a group of students so much... and I did my first year of teaching.

This year was just so amazing. Lots of tears lots of laughs. But I made it. I MADE IT. And I'm ALIVE. Seriously doubted that some days.

Okay so for the purse story... I had a student that, let's just say, beat to her own drum. So earlier in the day I told her she could go see another teacher towards the end of the day as a reward for good behavior. Well, Mrs. Bocchino let that little info slip her mind (I have a million things to think about, I DIDN'T MEANT TO FORGET). Well literally in the middle of math, that student stands up, takes a deep breathe and throws her purse at my head. I dodged the purse, but it still got a good bit of the side of my head. She is just standing, as the rest of the class sitting down and is shell - shocked of the situation. I put the cap on my marker and I calmly asked her sit down. I gave her the purse back and later handled the situation. Serioulsy, the most random thing that has ever happened to me. I loved that student, she just needed some extra love and someone to understand her.

I am planning on blogging this summer. Please get excited (totally kidding). Well, happy summer!!!!

My girls! One of my fave pics!!!

Last day of school. Literally jumping for joy!!