Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Labor and Delivery

March 11 came and went, my due date. I didn't really think I would deliver on the day (because it is so rare) but I was so miserable the thought of going a day over my due date devastated me. I know, I am so dramatic. This I am aware!!!!

If I look miserable, swollen and huge to you... you are RIGHT!!! 

On March 11, I had my doctor's appointment. I still had only dilated 1 cm. I told my doctor, if she wanted to induce me that day, I would be all for it. So, she scheduled me to get induced the next day! 

The next day, Tuesday March 12, I had to call in at 5:00pm and see what time they wanted me to check in at the hospital. So that day, Andrew and I went to see Oz (which was incredible by the way), we ate yummy food and enjoyed the last few moments of a family of two. That day was just so weird knowing when we leave our house that night, we will come back with a BABY. 

So I called at 5:00pm and they told us to come in at 7:00pm. My doctor told me to eat a light dinner so we chose to eat at Panera Bread. I couldn't even really eat I was so nervous and excited.

We checked in to the hospital in room 13. Here we go! No turning back now. It was still so weird because I was having no contractions and felt completely fine! That night they inserted some medicine to soften my cervix. So overnight I had some very mild contractions and slept pretty much through the night.

At 7:00am the next day, my doctor broke my water. I didn't even know that she was doing it because we were busy talking about who knows what! Talk about opening the flood gates!! Fluids everywhere. They then started me on Pitocin. That really started my contractions. I started feeling some pain! My plan was to go as long as I possibly could before I got the epidural. That lasted long.... NOT! Again, I am a baby and very dramatic!! 

So the anesthesiologist came and talked to me about the epidural. I think getting the epidural was the scariest part for me. I didn't want to move or mess up while he was giving it! They made Andrew leave but I am so glad I loved my nurse because she hugged me and got me through it. It wasn't painful at all getting it, it was just the fact that I will not have feeling from the waste down for a while scared me. But I had a peace about it, I really did. Once the epidural kicked in, talk about relief! Talk about relaxation!!!! I was  chillin, hanging out with Andrew, and watching TV while my contractions got stronger and stronger! Didn't even feel a thing. Even took naps throughout the day!

The nurses kept coming in and checking my cervix every few hours. I was dilating very slowly. I really wanted Evelyn to be born on 3-13-13 and I was hopeful all day long. My friends and parents came to visit around 9:00pm. I was only about 6 cm dilated at the time. We enjoyed each other's company and I was still watching my contractions get VERY strong, but I was feeling great!

My support group... THE GROUP. Best friends since forever. Literally.

So around 10:30, my hopes of her coming on 3-13-13 started to fade. My parents left because the nurse and I reaffirmed them that she was most likely going to be born on 3-14 in the early morning around 4:00am. Right after they left, my new nurse (who I LOVED) turned me on my side. She said that it will help open my cervix. UMMM... she was so right. WHY DIDN'T THEY DO THIS TO ME 10 HOURS AGO?!?! After about 30 minutes of being on my side, I started feeling INTENSE pressure. I felt a HUGE urge to just push! I called my nurse in and told her. She checked my cervix and I was 10 cm! I dilated a TON in just 30 minutes. Of course my parents just left!!

She left to get things ready. 15 minutes went by and she still wasn't back. I was in so much pain. Even with the epidural. It wasn't pain necessarily but intense PRESSURE at every contraction. I did everything I could NOT to push. Finally the nurse came in with 8 other nurses and my amazing doctor showed up. They all started getting ready. I was shaking uncontrollably. I was so nervous. All that came to my mind was Psalm 23. I had Andrew read it to me. It brought so much comfort. Andrew prayed for me and then I realized, the time had come. This was it, and I knew it. It was time to meet my daughter. 

So at about 11:35pm, I started pushing. My doctor told me if I push REALLY hard, she could be born on 3-13-13. You guys, I was SO DETERMINED to get her out that I pushed literally so hard I was turning purple (says Andrew). I pushed 10 times, for 13 minutes, and out she came! At 11:48pm on 3-13-13 my angel baby, Evelyn Marie Bocchino, was born. Wow, when they placed her on my chest, Andrew and I both, were balling like babies (no pun intended). It was a euphoria I can't even begin to explain. Holding her and knowing that I carried this precious child for 10 months was finally on my chest. 

NO WORDS to describe this feeling. Absolutely no words...

Exhausted but so happy


My family. So obsessed. So blessed.
She made it y'all. She's here. EVELYN is here. It's crazy think about how much went into making a baby. Here is me in AFRICA about 7 weeks pregnant and me when I was BEACHED WHALE close to 40 weeks. A lot changes! 

In Africa 7 weeks pregnant and in America 39 weeks pregnant. Same headband (not on purpose!).
Thank you Lord for this Angel.

I love you Evelyn. So much it hurts.