Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Finding Normalcy in Newness

How do you find normalcy in the midst of newness? New state, new home, new school system, new school, new students, new church, and on top of all that a brand new baby on the way.

It's been a month and a half and the excuse, "I'm adjusting," may be getting a little overused. The Lord has been testing me in this new season, and I'm thankful. I know he is making my relationship with him stronger. Maybe he's not giving me a normal/comfort level yet so I cling to him even more during this transition time.

I am about to bring a BABY into this world, so I pray the Lord equips Andrew and I to be missionaries right in our home. To make disciples of our children that will grow up and make disciples of all nations.

As I sit and think about my "old" normal, I can't help but compile a list of things I miss about Birmingham.

Things I miss about Birmingham:
I miss driving to Tarrant. I miss my students waiting for me to get out of my car to greet me in the morning. I miss driving down Highway 280 on a Sunday night waiting for the Word to come alive through David Platt.  I miss finding any excuse to drive by Samford and have nostalgia rush back.  I miss being able to see Lexie Strong whenever I wanted too.  I miss Children's Village where we ministered and did bible study with amazing girls.  I miss getting out of school at 2:45, talking and joking with students after school, and then walking to Ms. Chandlers room to vent about our day.  I miss D, my "godson", that I think of daily.  I miss having a Chik-fil-a and Starbucks walking distance from our apartment.  I miss my Wednesday dates with Brittany Bates where the Lord was the center of our conversations.  I miss our Small Group. I miss the Birmingham Summit (Louisville's is a JOKE!). I miss being 4 hours away from the beach. I miss O'Carrs. I miss O'Henry's. I miss Cocina Superior. The list could go on....

The Lord even says there is a season for everything, and my "season" in Birmingham has passed.  I can't wait for this AMAZING new "season" in LOUISVILLE! With a BABY!!

I can't wait to be a mommy. Our little Louisville born baby and Birmingham souvenir ;)