Sunday, January 13, 2013

David Platt and Man of Sorrows


Stranger by Mandi Mapes

just another day in a beautiful town
where money makes the world go round
caught in a place where no matter what I do
I feel let down
'cause I keep chasing all these funny things
that don't even matter
in the end

this world is not my home
I am a stranger in this country
Jesus in me won't You pour me out
I'm ready to abandon all my shiny things
my family, and this American dream, Lord
come take it all from me
until there's nothing left but You

Lord, open my eyes
that I may see the brevity of my life
may Your Word tear down my sinful heart
and fill me with new desires
by Your Spirit I will live for You
and love You with all my soul
so have Your way in me
and let Your kingdom come

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Reflection of 2012, A Welcoming of 2013

I love to use Evernote as my prayer journal because it is so easy to use and I can look back on my prayers and thoughts so quickly. I looked at last year's entry. I posted on January 3, 2012. Here is what I posted...

Here we are again. A new year. New dreams, new hopes, new resolutions. The list could go on.  I always think about the mistakes I made the previous year and the hopes I have for the new year.The one thing that makes things all the different is Jesus. Jesus changes everything. I can't do anything but Jesus can. Jesus, I am asking you to reveal yourself to me in 2012 like you haven't ever before. I want to be HOLY in your eyes. I don't want to live for this world (which I tend to do).Today I read Colossians 3 (one things of many) and learned:
  1. Set your mind on things above
  2. seek first his kingdom
  3. my life is HIDDEN in God. My security is in God when I trust in Him.
  4. CHRIST IS MY LIFE. Perfection will be mine when Christ returns.
  5. Eliminate sin and cultivate christian values.
  6. GET RID OF GREED (ahh, I feel like I always want more)
  7. The wrath of God is coming
  8. always forgive other christians
  9. LOVE

David Platt tweeted today:
Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Good news: salvation is here. Bad news: damnation is near. Proclaim them both.
1/3/12 10:00 AM

I love that it resonates with what I read today. Kingdom is near. How am I advancing it today? How am I growing closer to the Lord? 
I want to ask myself that question every morning when I am praying and reading. How am I growing closer today? How am I advancing the kingdom?
I have very similar prayers and hopes this year in 2013. My new years resolution? To make Jesus known in my family (baby Evelyn) and the world.

I was thinking about 2012 and decided to recap the year. What a blessed and busy year it has been. The Lord answered my prayer that I prayed on Jan. 3, 2012. I prayed that the Lord would reveal himself to me like he hasn't before.... and he did!!! Thank you Lord for the gift of another year.


1. Officially became a brunette again. Traded my blonde hair for my natural hair color.

2. Supported my boys at their Upward basketball games.


1. Celebrated my Andrew's 25th Birthday at Rosemary Beach. 

2. Watched my Zeta girls PLACE in their step sing show. I was/am just as excited as they were and I am graduated.

3. Saw my favorite play in Bham.. WICKED! My birthday present

4. Carrie knight's 30th Birthday party. I wore PINK LEOPARD pants, drank strawberry margaritas and danced to live music (even sang with the band) with my best friend Lexie. Such a fun night.


1. Officially decided to go to Ethiopia!!!! 


1. Andrew learned how to "Wop". Provided many nights of entertainment.

2. Celebrated my boy Detriot's birthday at Chuck -E - Cheese. 

3. Hung out with our Bham "besties"... A LOT

4. Celebrated the marriage of Katy King with people I love


1. Finished teaching my second year of 6th grade at Tarrant in Birmingham, AL. The best job in the world. The best kids in the world. Such a great experience. Thankful to the Lord for the blessing it was on my life. 

2. Celebrated 2 years of marriage at Ross Bridge

3. Broke my foot.... OUCH. I was dancing/being goofy leaving small group and feel down concrete stairs. 


1. Went on vacation with Andrew's Family to Daytona Beach Florida

2. Andrew OFFICIALLY got into Southern Baptist Seminary in Lousiville, KY. Decided to make the BIG MOVE from Birmingham, AL!!! Started packing up.

3. We both said goodbye to jobs we LOVED dearly.

4. We found a place to live in Louisville! YAYAYAYA!!

5. My PRECIOUS niece, Anna Faith, was born.

6. I said goodbye to my dear girls and Children's Village in Birmigham.


1. Went on vacation with my family to Florida!

2. Went to Africa with my mother and best friend Lexie. You can watch the video I made here.

3. OFFICIALLY MOVED from Birmingham to Louisville. Said goodbye to our sweet little apartment in Hoover.

4. FOUND OUT I WAS PREGNANT. Holy moly, that changed everything!!


1. Got a teaching job in Louisville. YAY for being able to pay rent and eat!!!

2. Saw my baby for the first time on the ultrasound. My little peanut stole my heart.



1. Found our amazing church, Redemption Hill.


1. We found out we were having a GIRL at our gender reveal party!!!!

2. Celebrated my dear Carol Anne's 25th Birthday!


1. Enjoyed a trip to Indianapolis with the Group to visit Baby Sam. Lots of food, laughter, and happiness.

2. Enjoyed Thanksgiving with my dear family. We all participated in the Turkey trot and ate lots of turkey after!!


1. Celebrated Christmas with my family. A blessed time!!!! 

2. WENT ON OUR BABYMOON TO SAN DIEGO and celebrated my 25th birthday!