Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Evelyn-- 4 & 5 Months

Was it not just yesterday Evelyn was born??? You blink and 5 months have passed. It reminds me that it could get so easy to waste your life doing things that don't matter... but pursuing the Lord and being faithful in spreading His good news is what matters. I love sharing christ with Evelyn, I know and believe the Holy Spirit is already working in her heart and preparing her for a life that's not wasted... So in 50 years, I see Evelyn serving the Lord whole-heartidly.

Remember this little nugget? Ya, she grew fast. WAY TOO FAST.

Hospital Newborn Pics

5 short months ago

One day old.
This sweet girl has brought so much joy to her daddy and me.

4 Months Old (forgot to post last month... so we have lots to catch up on!!)

At four months,

  • Moved into a new home (in KY)
Our new home!!

We live on a street with "Pear" in it... so this dress was appropriate!

  • Still spits up... quite a bit :)

  • Still loves to cuddle (especially the last 10 minutes before a nap/bedtime)

  • Got a bouncer and is SO OBSESSED. Happy as can be bouncing. She sometimes jumps for over an hour!

  • Drools and bites everything...just waiting for a tooth to come on out!
  • LOVES playing with her feet.

  • Loves taking walks
    • and falling asleep during them....

  • LOVES TO TALK. 96% of her awake time is her talking. I love it. She is a social butterfly already!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Has such a FUN personality. This girl is going to keep me entertained during her toddler years. Start praying for me... teenage years should be interesting (JKJK)

  • Loves the bumbo

  • Started to sit up 

  • Tried on the big bow again... mom secretly really likes it

  • LOVES to eat her clothes....

  • Went to Seagrove, FL with her family and had a blast!!

  • Met uncle Jon for the first time

  • is still exclusively breastfed and very chunky... and still occasionally falls asleep while nursing.

  • have i mentioned she's dramatic??

  • Got her four month shots and was still happy all day afterwards (best baby)

  • Went to her first wedding in Nashville... 

  • loves to read

  • Still loves to be worn... i love the Mei Tei... affordable, cute, and doesn't cause any hip problems (like some carriers do)

  • Found out mommy is going to be home full time! AND SO HAPPY ABOUT IT!

  • Loves chewing her hands. LOVES IT
  • Went to bham (for the second time) with Nina and mommy for Lexie's wedding shower. She did amazing. What a champ!

  • Started to GIGGLE!!!! 

Month four was fun.

At 5 months, Evelyn:

  • Perfected sitting up

  •  is SO close to rolling from back to belly... i even caught her trying to do it at 5:30am (ya, i'm so happy for her, but the timing not so much :))

  •  Loves being outside and loves to swing

  • Met GG and Poppy for the first time!

  • Still has a HUGE bald spot 

  • loves being mommy's bestie

  • still loves a good photoshoot (especially with the tutu)

I am convinced she is the next Sophia Grace (only a LOT cuter):

Evelyn has me laughing everyday! I love her so much. I just can never get enough of those chubby cheeks, big ol brown eyes, and big ol thighs. She is the sweetest little cuddle bug I have ever been around. So thankful I get to be her mother.