Saturday, January 3, 2015

Best of 2014

2014 you all!!! 2014 was filled with joy, surprises, celebrations and love! I totally forgot I had a blog and decided I wanted to re-cap the best moments of 2014 (mainly for my sake, so I can look back on it one day!).  2014 started with a cold and snowy winter here in Louisville! We celebrated Ev's first birthday, we found out we were pregnant, found out it was a boy, celebrated Carol Anne's wedding, enjoyed an amazing summer, Andrew got a teaching job as an 8th grade math teacher, enjoyed fall, and then welcomed our new little Elijah at the end of the year. What a great way to end the year!

In all seasons of life, though, we need to remember to give thanks to the Lord. We need to remember He is sovereign over all things. He is in control of our lives. He is good, even when we are walking through "bad" times. This year was filled with lots of "good" times and it was so easy to give thanks and praise him, but the years that are filled with "sorrow" I need to cling to Him and remember to praise Him, amidst the pain.

So looking back on 2014, besides the obvious "big" life moments, I found the everyday, day-in-day-out moments were some of my favorite. Days with my husband spent laughing and talking. Days with my girl, spent playing and walking to see the duckies. 2014 was a good one... excited to see what 2015 has in store!

Here is The Best of 2014 (in pictures)

Just as cute as ever.


Dinners with Daddy are never disappointing. The best part of our day was when he got home from work. "Mr. Napkin Head"!!!!!!! 

Everyday with her is the best day.

Bundled up for the COLD winter we had. It seemed like it lasted forever. FOREVER.

Celebrated Andrew's 27th birthday!  
I mean.... who can forget about this amazing Valentine's day photo shoot Evelyn had??!??!

My little side-kick


Spent time with my BFF in Seaside! The Red Bar... I mean, who doesn't like that place???

My two favorite girls in the world... my momma and my baby. Who happen to love each other A LOT!! 

She loved the beach.


Rosemary Beach... I would live here.

One year photo shoot... she's just so cute

First birthday party! 

cake smash!!!!!

Evelyn's first trip to NEW YORK!!! (I love NYC)

Evelyn was sought after as a baby model and was offered a contract!! We declined it, however, because we would have had to live in NYC for the summer... it would have been too much. But it was such a fun experience and this agency loved Evelyn. It would have been cool to have seen her in Gap adds and Target adds but relocating our lives would have been hard and the cost of living is RIDICULOUS up there.

Surprise!!!!!!! hahahaha... best surprise EVER!!! 

Hoppy Easter! 
I love my little family! Celebrating Christ being risen!! 

Every morning with this girl was sweet. LOVE being home with her everyday! 

While doing our pregnancy announcement photo shoot,  a group of about 15 asians stopped to pose and take a picture with Evelyn. It was the funniest thing of my life!!

Just everyday with them is the best

Celebrated my second mothers day with my girl.

Everyday is mother's day with her

mostly bloating but I feel like I showed so early! hahaha. Or I am just fat ;) 


celebrated 4 years of marriage with my man! We had a 1 year old and one in the womb to show for 4 years!

Lots of time with our cousins! Evelyn is so close to her cousins and I love that!!


Carol Anne's Rehearsal

Time with the group is never enough!


The band let me sing... on stage. Just a great moment. 

Cutie baby at a wedding

I don't mean to sound snobby, but if you weren't at Carol Anne's wedding you truly missed out. And I kinda feel bad for you. 


My best friends since... FOREVER. 

My beautiful family! 

sweet kisses.

my parents gave me the greatest gift of all... the grand piano i grew up playing. FOR MY HOUSE.  Play everyday! 

My brother jon came to town. He's the best and i love him. Chipotle rocks and he's my best friend. 


Let the records show that the pig tails officially started in june!

LT's wedding. Another wedding that I truly feel bad for you if you missed it. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DAY!

We found out we were having a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fourth of july with our favorites!

we hosted the fam this year! 

love my RH ladies! 

Play dates to the zoo with Amanda and Brinley! 

first graeter's! 

First trip to Iowa, Visiting the Albertsen Farm!

SEEING MY BESTIE COUSIN!! who is getting married in 2015!!!!

family reunion! much needed and SO FUN!

Mars loved Ev's piggy's :)

Jen!! Love you cuz!!

BABYMOON to Chicago!  BEST TRIP EVER!! Nina watched Ev so we were kid free. It was amazing. 

Play dates to the science center with Amanda and Brinley! 

Meeting my nephew Caleb for the first time in the hospital!

Play dates with our cousin Anna aka ev's BESTIE!!


Family video... Molly Roberson ROCKS. To view video click here
Kacey's wedding and being with my BFF!!


made my first teepee... still making them! message me if you want one ;)

halloween. are you kitten me right meow?!?!? She was adorbs. 


Got our Christmas tree

decorated for christmas 

bath time getaway. found her buck naked playing with blocks instead of in her room waiting for me to put on her jammies!! I laughed so hard.

bath time is the best time.
Brace yourself. This was a big month. My little man was born on december 1st. Life has not been the same ;) 

this picture gets me EVERY TIME. SOBBING NOW AS I TYPE


the star of a future christmas play

matching jammies

never too young to be read to.. especially a christmas story, especially JAN BRETT #elementaryteacherprobz

matching :)


one of ev's gifts... a baby baby grand

birthday make over and lunch with my best friend of a mom. 

my hott birthday date. 
ended the year with these girls...

okay that's a wrap. and that took wayyy longer than i had hoped. I need to sleep. like right now. okay bye.