Friday, August 17, 2012


I was just living my life as normal as they come. I was packing for Africa and anxiously awaiting. Lexie came to Louisville, so we naturally went to Qdoba... MY FAVORITE, or well, my used-to-be favorite. After dinner, I started to feel a little funny. 

The next morning... AFRICA DAY!! I was pumped.  Dreaming of Ethiopian cuties, new travels, and new adventures that God had in store. I had no idea just HOW much God had in store.  It was about 10:00am and we had to leave for the airport at 11:30am.  I decided to take the one pregnancy test I had left over because my boobs were KILLING me (Sorry boy readers, all 0 of you!!?) And this happened...

So... I freak out, naturally.  In a good way. My life long goal and dream is to be a mother.  Have my own children to love and nurture.  Andrew is still sleeping and I frantically call him in. He thinks I need help with my bags (which I  needed that too) but I show him the test. He freaks out and starts crying, I freak out (again) and start crying.  This is amazing news. And it is so evident that GOD wanted us to have a baby in this season of our lives.  What a gift.  What a blessing.  

So after lots of hugging, kissing, jumping, praying, weeping, and rejoicing, we decided I should still go to Africa (I'm crazy, I know). After all, I haven't been sick or anything (Yet... my baby was probably laughing at me when I thought this). So we tell NO ONE and I board the plane to Africa. It wasn't until the plane from Germany to Sudan to Ethiopia I start to feel a little queasy. Then they served African Plane Food... YEP that did it. I gave the entire back half of the plane a show. Basically the show was me throwing up for an hour since all the restrooms were taken. That wasn't humiliating at all!! NOT!!! Then I started freaking out. Bad freaking out. Like, why the H am I going to Africa when I am PREGNANT!?! But God is sovereign and has a plan. Always.

I head to Lexie's seat and tell her the news (ya, the no telling people lasted a good 15 hours). She's thrilled. Duh. Still I wanted to wait to tell my mom in a really cute way (ya, that didn't last either).

So Africa was great, mainly because I got to see the gospel at work and carry my little missionary in my belly. I pray everyday my baby is a disciple of Christ and will be a missionary to the nations.

Africa wasn't so great because the FOOD and smells made me VERY sick everyday.  Not fun.  But at least I can tell the baby that I took Him/Her to Africa to share the love of Jesus with people that needed it.

I didn't take any harmful medication (no malaria in Addis). But please continue to pray for a healthy baby for the glory of God!

I went to my first ultrasound on Thrusday, August 16 and all of it became a reality. I got to SEE my baby and HEAR my baby's heartbeat. Talk about SOB FEST 2012.  This is truly the most amazing experience and it has only been 10 1/2 weeks.  God is good and deserves all the praise. He already knows my baby and LOVES my baby as he is knitting it in my womb.  I am weeping as I type that.

 My baby is already LOVED by the creator of the universe.  My baby already has an IDENTITY in Christ first, Bocchino second.  My baby has a PURPOSE and GOD already knows it.  MY BABY is being BORN to give GOD GLORY and to make his name known!!! 

I can't wait to be a mother.  Andrew is going to be the best father.  

Praise be to God for our precious little jumping bean!!!