Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Warning: Girly Post

This will be my attempt to be Lauren Conrad for a moment. She is the fashion/make-up/fitness QUEEN. I love reading her blog/website thing.  Anyway, I will no where COMPARE to LC.  I have had people ask about my make-up, so here you go... MAKE-UP tips and advice from KB (not LC, sorry to disappoint).

Let me just say, there was a point in my life where I wasn't going to go to college and go to beauty school instead. So simply put, I love make-up.

Toys-R-Us is to kids, as Ulta is to Katie

If this stresses you out, go ahead and x out of my blog. It won't hurt my feelings. I won't even notice. But for those who care/interested, S'GO!

  • First things first: Moisturizer.  I moisturize two times a day (at least!)

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE (and acne fighting) goes to:
Dual Action Clean and Clear

I have been using this since I was a Junior in High School. Absolutely love it. And very cheap.


Jergens Natural Glow for Face
This also has SPF 20, so my dermatologist will be happy (I don't even have one, but that sounded good).  I put it on every morning.  

  • Brushes. Please don't spend $300 on brushes. Ridiculous. Go to Ulta and get the Ulta brand. They are great. 

The only brush I use that isn't Ultra brand is from Benefit. It is "Hard Angle." I use this for my eyebrows (we will get to that in a minute). This brush is phenomenal.

*Don't forget to clean your brushes once a month!

  • Face. I usually do a tinted moisturizer (I don't like foundation), a mineral powder, a bronzer (LOVE me some bronzer), and blush.
Just as good as Bare Minerals. Spare yourself the money!

This is def a splurge but Bobbi Brown bronzer is where it is at. Instant TAN.

BETTER than foundation. This is def a splurge, too. With this, use a brush to apply for an even coverage.

This is cheaper than Bobbi Brown and does  (almost) the same thing! 

Blush: my fave thing. How to apply: smile and apply on the rise of your cheek and then sweep on cheek bone.

Benefit: "That Gal". I don't use this everyday, but I do for special occasions. It helps your make-up last longer.

I bought this with a gift card for fun. It is too fun! Sweep it right below your eyebrows and right above your cheekbone. It is a soft shimmer. It really makes your face light up! 

  • Eyes: I use eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, and eyebrow liner.  
Benefit: Brows a-go-go. Absolutely love.  

To use: Sweep your "Hard Angle" brush once to each palette on the top row from right to left. Then apply to eyebrow. I  use it to add length to my eyebrows because mine are so short naturally.  The bottom row I hardly ever use, but I will occasionally if I wear eyeshadow. It comes with tweezers, eyeliner, and an applicator.

Eyeliner: apply with an eyeliner brush (Ulta).  This stays on ALL DAY LONG. It takes a minute to get it down to an art, but once you get good at applying it, you will LOVE it. 

For the lazy people, Revlon liquid eyeliner is great (I only use on upper lid). On bottom lid I ONLY use a pencil eyeliner.
Such a great eyeshadow (You can NEVER go wrong with Bobbi Brown).

But of course ULTA is great, too. Never disappoints me. And cheap.

ALL TIME FAVORITE MASCARA. Thank you Carley Brooks for introducing this to me in High School. 

Need I say more? Dior Show never disappoints.

Rimmel: Sexy Curves gives length. Rimmel: Scandal eyes gives volume.  
Benefit: Lust Duster. I got this for free and surprisingly love it. I sweep this in the corner of my eyes and every time I wear this I get compliments.

  • Lips: Lipstick, lipgloss, and chapstick
I forgot to take pics (because my lip stuff is in my purse). And now I'm too lazy to get my camera. And I'm too invested in this post not to put in lips.

Mac has GREAT lipstick. Bobbi Brown (I bet you are not surprised) has FABULOUS lipstick.  Victoria's Secret has my FAVORITE lip gloss. Burt's Bees is my favorite chapstick. 

Okay that is all.  My attempt to be LC is over (for now).  I hope this helped anyone that is looking for new make-up.  

** Disclaimer: My mom bought me all my Bobbi Brown make-up for my birthday.  So if you are looking for high-quality make-up Bobbi Brown is my first choice. Benefit is my second. Mac is my third. But if you need a cheaper option: Ulta and Revlon are my go toos.  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Class Video

Just incase you haven't seen this yet.  This video is about 15 minutes (so be cautioned) but it captures the school year so well. This was an amazing year.  My kids learned a TON and we had a lot of fun along the way.

My Class Video (Click here)